Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Convocation - 09.08.09

Happy convocation to all my dearest friends who are graduated!!! All the best to you all in future...

My convocation was on 09.08.2009. What a memorable and meaningful that day was. I met all my course mates and friends again there. I miss them so much...

Besides that, my dear ex-roommate, Samantha, and Huipinger did really give me a big surprise. Their attendance made me feel touched. =) Thanks,Thanks n Thanks to you all...

Other than that, I would like to thanks to my dear old best friends , Shin also(p/s: knw her for as long as 14 years already). She was being with me for a whole time as well as being my photographer.^^ Arigato~~~^^

Happy Convo'09~~~

My Dear Family~~~

My Lovely Sis~~

My Dear Cute Nieces~~

Dear Michelle~~

Dear Samantha(ex-roomate) & Hui Ping~~~\(^-^)/

Dear Shin~~~

Dear Friends~~~(#1)

Dear Friends~~(#2)

Dear Friends~~(#3)

Dear Friends~~(#4)



Dear Shin & Pin~~~(Vy old friends.hehe~~~)

My lovely Convo Gifts~~~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


First of all, I would like to thank all my friends who concern me for their wishes. I appreciate them very much.

Regarding the previous post, what i have mentioned is a CALL actually.^^ I am waiting for an important call. Last Friday, the HR manager called me and told me that I am being selected for the position, but not confirm yet since haven't get approval. I cant get full meaning of his sentences( bcos my english is poor,hehe...) I confused with the sentence- being selected but not confirm yet, it means hire me or not hire me?? I super blur...He said will give me a call on monday after get the approval. It means if i receive the call on Monday, means i get the job offer; if i do not receive the call, means i fail to get. Thus, all what i can do is just waiting for the call 1st then only know the result.

I was waiting and waiting till I felt like wanna give up dy, since the office hour has almost over,but I still haven't receive any call from the company. Luckily, I received his call at 6.10pm finally... = )

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Waiting for some information on coming Monday...then What will it be??

Yes or no??Good or bad??

Only know on Monday...

Nervousness mess up my mind and lead me to blur situation.

Hope's everything will be fine.

I wish myself a big good luck.^^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I feel blur these few days.Haiz...Dunno what should I do?Dunno what I want?When I meet people, most of them will ask me:'how is your job hunting??' or 'Get job dy??'. Haiz...these type of questions made me more confusing on what am i doing. Am i doing the right way?

To someone I concern:
I did really hunting job now...pls believe me~~~pls do not always think that I am doing nothing and waiting...waiting...n waiting. I AM NOT!!!!pls trust me, OK??

Tomorrow I have an interview at cyberjaya.To be honest, I am not so confident that I can get the job offer so far. By the way, I will do my best. I will...GAMBATTE neh!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Today I went out with Kai Shin. She bring me to go for buffet (as my 2009 Birthday present, \(^-^)/) at Umai-ya Japanese restaurant. The restaurant is located near to Shin's working place. This restaurant really a nice place for those who like Japanese food. I was so enjoyed and happy with that. Thanks vy much to Shin.

There was an unhappy incident happened on Shin few days before. When i met her today, she look fine. However, I understand she is still having uncomfortable feeling abt that incident, and i know sometimes she was forcing herself to become happy in front of me. Luckily she is strong and I believe that she must be able to overcome the unhappy feeling vy soon.

( p/s: Shin, just take some time, time passing will cause you let go the unhappy thing slowly. This is not your fault and is out of your expectation. Pls do not put the incident in your heart and blame yourself already.)

Let's back to the buffet!! I ate wasabi ice cream and green tea ice-cream as my dessert~~~For me, the 2 different ice cream really have much big different taste; one is taste super delicious, but one is taste super wasabi ice cream did really 'powerful' like normal wasabi. At the beginning, I taught the wasabi ice cream should not as spicy as normal wasabi, since it is made as ICE CREAM...we all know ICE CREAM should be sweet,is it??? But...AT THE END...the outcome is......1st time in my life I ate ice-cream until my tears dropped and finish it in 2 mins...HAHA. The longer the time wasabi ice cream in your mouth, you will taste more spicy...Believe it or not??hehe...Let's try it!!^^

Friday, July 10, 2009

So suffer

Today an accident happened, haiz...I accidentally twist my waist. This really make me suffering. At the beginning, I planned to let go my many plans due to the pain and inconvenience. Luckily i didn't do that finally, if not, sure i have many regrets now.I did really had a happy and joyful moment v my crazy gang (Keane, Stephen and Daphne).
p/s: Crazy gang came to KL from tuesday till saturday.

This pain really bring me many inconveniences. Tomorrow i stil have many plans to go lar...isshhh. I know it could make me cant 100% enjoy the moment gathering. haiks...
Tomorrow I am going to meet my ex-colleagues for having lunch together, then going to sunway pyramid to meet my hometown friend, then following by the appoinment with my dear samantha(ex-housemate@roomate) . Wow...what a busy day tomorrow, right??haha...^^

Hope my waist pain will disappear asap!!!and quickly get find a great great job!!!haha...\(^-^)/

Gambette!!!Lyanne...and also my dear all friends who are looking for job currently.^^

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eason Chan ^^

Wow...So long didnt update my blog The last post was 2 months ago. What a inactive blogger i am. Haha...Within this 2 months, really many thing happened and many activities i had joined. A bit tired...but NO REGRETS...since i know this is only called university n young life...yeah!!!^^

Let me update my blog with some news about Eason Chan. Haha...I just back from Sunway Pyramid. The actual plan is I am going to buy 'Ice Age' movie ticket, but finally cant get the tickets, however, I was being a fans of Eason Chan. \(^-^)/

P/S: I dunno at all that Eason Chan will be around Sunway before i go. = )

p/s: The person who is wearing green shirt in the photos is EASON CHAN. \(*-*)/